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Join the LED and Anti-Microbial Revolution!
Medical/Dental LED Lighting
Revolutionizing the medical and dental lighting industry, Capsera's anti-microbial LED Exam Lighting is the perfect lighting solution to any exam application.
Industrial/Task LED Lighting
Never failing to disappoint, Capsera's rugged LED Task Lighting is engineered for extreme long life and versatile applications.
Anti-Microbial Ergonomics
Providing protection against hazardous bacteria and viruses, Capsera's anti-microbial and anti-drift ergonomic mounts are redefining the standard.

Capsera Scientific, LLC is committed to leading the industry by continually bringing innovative, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly products to the lighting and ergonomics industry. We produce a revolutionary line of LED based Medical, Dental, and Industrial lighting products and ergonomically designed mounting solutions. Capsera is quickly becoming an industry leader through use of the highest quality materials, anti-microbial surface treatments, and patented anti-drift technologies. Everything we offer is 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA.

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